More than half of the organizations we talk to are looking for an extensive digital transformation of their HR processes. It is obvious that they are looking for optimization of time and resources, improving return on their investment and perhaps by doing so, mature themselves as real Strategic Business Partners to the business.

Here are our views on some of the key imperatives for selecting a digital solution :-

Last but not the least, the world is exploding with hundreds of solution in each and every space. While sometimes the journey to find the right solution may be tiring, confusing and agitating because of so many varieties, don’t be afraid to spend enough time to explore it for a better tomorrow. Don’t be shy to get an expert if you are not to do this exercise.

Would love to hear your views and experiences on choosing the right digital tool.

Cheers and all the best in your digital search.

The best organisations in the world are those that deliver productivity, efficiency and quality in a way that is sustainable over the long term. That is what, in an ideal world, performance management should help us to achieve.

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As mobility managers grapple with increasingly international and mobile workforce and changing generational expectations, flexibility becomes an ever-looming complexity. For organisations that seek to provide fair and consistent policies globally, there are new models that provide choice.

Along with that choice, however, comes important factors to resolve. For companies that decide to incorporate flexibility, questions remain about when to implement, where it should be implemented, and most critically, where control rests, either with the business unit or the

The scope of mobility is growing dramatically. Today, there are more types of assignments, international employees, and locations. With that expansion
comes increased complexity for compensation packages. Designing the right package to date focused on using either the home compensation approach or the local compensation model. Yet, increasingly, employees are seeking additional flexibility in compensation packages. Companies are already facing the pressures related to dual-career couples and cost that can make mobility a challenge to implement successfully at the same time the needs are growing in increasingly global markets. That’s why many employees, particularly Millennials, are looking for more options and more flexibility. That requires new thinking, new guidelines, and new policies that can support employee choice.

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Technology’s role in displacing workers appears to conflict with its role in augmenting human capability. But this is the true future of work: an integration of automation and human capital.


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