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Why choose Compport over Beqom?

Get the expertise of dedicated inhouse tech and support teams.

Get additional features like Digital Letters and screen configurations.

Short Implementation cycle with more onboarding controls for admin.

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The Numbers Speak for themselves

Enabling organizations around the globe with Compensation Management and Rewards






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3 reasons to choose Compport over Beqom

Dedicated Inhouse Support Team for your Needs

Enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in managing employee compensation programs with dedicated support teams that provide smooth implementation, training and support for user adoption, maximizing the system's benefits

Digital Letters and Screen Configurability

Get real-time data visibility, streamlined workflows, automated calculations, accurate reporting, simplified auditing, efficient document management, improved collaboration, enhanced compliance, and a user-friendly interface for comprehensive compensation management.

More Controls for the Admin

Enable customizable approval workflows, configurable rules for eligibility and calculations,  role-based access controls, configurable reports and analytics, audit trails, and the ability to adapt to evolving compensation strategies, resulting in enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness in managing compensation processes.

Features Comparison



Sales Incentive Plan

Manager Screen Configuration

Digital Letters Configuration

Analytics and Reporting

Inhouse Tech and Support Teams

Performance Management

The information provided on this table is for general informational purposes and was last updated in January 2023.

What will Compport automate for you

API Integration with all other existing data systems for seamless back and forth data flow

Multilingual Screens for managers and employees, available on demand

Don't just take our word for it


I highly recommend the product for its excellent customization options that allowed me to easily mold it to my organization's specific needs. It has been a valuable asset to our operations.

Ishan G.

This system is designed for all users, regardless of their familiarity with digital tools. The reporting system and customizable filters make it well suited for the unique needs of each organization.

Neslihan A.
Talent Managemenet Executive & HR BP Mid-Market

Compport's intuitive user interface harmonizes the process of increments across countries. It is a customizable and modular solution for compensation planning and implementation

Anasua M.
Rewards Specialist Enterprise

Compport has everything you are looking for. From budget planning, letter generation, survey management, total rewards. Their team is always ready to help you anytime.

Anoop P.
Associate manager HR Enterprise

Good System For Collecting and Reporting Rewards Data. It can access different HR applications from a single system and give reports quickly.

Fuat G.
HR Executive Enterprise

This tool is incredibly easy to use and navigate, making it perfect for users of all levels. Even with minimal training, you can efficiently utilize its features to get excellent results.

Ozlem S.
Consumer Services Enterprise

Rewards Leaders and CHRO's love Compport. Here's Why.

Grow engagement, promote Pay Equity and Automate Compensation

in HR

Align pay practices, engage employees, and attract digital talent with the power of Compport.

the Workforce
at scale

Empower the workforce by ensuring fair pay, transparent performance assessments, and opportunities for growth and recognition.

of employees

Increase employee engagement through rewards, recognition, and personalized incentives that align with company goals and lead to string retention.

Automation of

Automate salary calculations, performance evaluations, and rewards distribution, streamlining efficiency and accuracy in compensation management.

Compliance with
Global Regulation
and processes

Compport ensures compliance with global regulations by providing standardized processes, accurate data management, and transparency in compensation practices.

Pay Equity
in the organization

Analyze and identify pay gaps, facilitating fair salary structures, and ensure transparency in compensation decision-making with COmpport.

Frequently Asked Questions?

to help you make the switch to Compport

Why Compport over Beqom?

Compport delivers the most complete Compensation Management Solution that can be customized as per need along with an easy to use setup and smooth onboarding.

Is Compport Privacy compliant?

Compport ensures compliance with global regulations like GDPR by providing standardized processes, accurate data management, and transparency in compensation practices. It is also ISO II Certified.

How long does it take to implement Compport?

It only takes a couple of weeks to get employees up to speed with Compport. Given the ease of implementation, we have also seen some cycles of less than a week.

Where can I enquire about additional questions?

Just fill the form at the top and you'll get connected to a Compensation expert from Compport who will be in a position to clear all further doubts.

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