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Compensation Trends in the US in 2023

✅An analysis into current salary and wage levels across job titles.

✅Insight into benefits, perks and compensation strategies employed by top US organizations.

✅Comparison of Pay Equity and compensation practices by industry and region.

✅Forecasts and predictions based on AI revolution & labour market analysis.

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The rise of the gig economy along with the pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work. What changes will ChatGPT and AI have on the compensation landscape?

The global insurance industry is staring at massive growth - revenues are predicted to grow to $6.4 trillion by the end of 2025.

As of 2020, the average hourly wage in the United States was around $29.00 and women earned approximately 82 cents for every dollar earned by men, indicating a gender pay gap of around 18%. Find out how they fare in 2023.

Streamline and Execute better as member of the Compensation team by staying up-to-date with trends, making data-driven decisions, attracting top talent, ensuring fair pay practices, complying with legal standards, enhancing employee satisfaction, and enabling strategic workforce planning.

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We Solve Compensation Problems with Technology

What will Compport automate for you

What’s in the Guide:

  • Benchmarking against Industry Peers

  • Navigating Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Initiatives undertaken to attract top talent in 2023

  • Ensuring pay Equity and Fairness

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

What’s in the Guide:

  • How to evaluate the needs of stakeholders

  • Framework to identify solution providers

  • Downloadable templates to shortlist vendors

  • Ready-to-use HRMS ROI Calculator

  • Pro-tips on price negotiation, contracting, and implementing HRMS