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Digitization: The Buzz Word in more than half of the organizations

More than half of the organizations we talk to are looking for an extensive digital transformation of their HR processes. It is obvious that they are looking for optimization of time and resources, improving return on their investment and perhaps by doing so, mature themselves as real Strategic Business Partners to the business.

Here are our views on some of the key imperatives for selecting a digital solution :-

  • First and foremost, do not buy/adopt a solution because it is fancy to do so, or just because others have it. Get it when you really need it and you know that you and your end users are going to utilize it well.
  • Does the platform or technology fit for my specific purpose – do a thorough alignment test of solution needed vs solutions available. The most famous and like-able platform may not necessarily be the one you need.
  • Check yourself if your organization is ready to adopt and use such a solution or not. I know companies spending US$2.5 million on launching a solution for their workforce, and after spending 2 years of implementation, they realize that only 20% of the people are just logging into the system once or twice.
  • Does the platform have flexibility to change with my changing needs. The world has become super dynamic hence, you must have super dynamic solutions to match it. Don’t get stuck with a ship that cannot sail smoothly in a rough sea.
  • Evaluate the claim of AI enabled solutions. Confirm if it is real AI or just a logical algorithm. AI is far superior than basic logic, perhaps it builds its own logic by learning itself in a simple definition. Don’t be fooled by creative salesmen.

Last but not the least, the world is exploding with hundreds of solution in each and every space. While sometimes the journey to find the right solution may be tiring, confusing and agitating because of so many varieties, don’t be afraid to spend enough time to explore it for a better tomorrow. Don’t be shy to get an expert if you are not to do this exercise.

Would love to hear your views and experiences on choosing the right digital tool.

Cheers and all the best in your digital search.