Why to pay extra to when Compport has inbuilt functionality of running predefined surveys or designing your own surveys in just 3 simple steps – select/write a survey, select your audience, write a cover letter and launch. What about getting a live analytics while your survey is running. The survey tool access can also be extended to your leadership and line managers or even your employees.

Ready to Launch Surveys

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  • Pulse Survey
  • Productivity Survey
  • Trust Survey
  • Attrition Drivers Survey
  • Mood Survey
  • Stress & Anxiety Level
  • Joy & Fulfilment Level
  • Quality of Life Survey
  • Passion for Job/ Thrive Survey
  • Resilience Survey
  • Agility Survey
  • Sense of Accomplishment Survey
  • Impact of Management Actions Survey
  • Physical Environment & Work Conditions Survey
  • Experience Set
  • Expertise/ Skills Set
  • Career Aspirations Survey
  • Career Moves in the Org Survey
  • Lifestyle Survey
  • Personas Survey
  • Communication Style Survey
  • Motivation Drivers Survey
  • Well-being Survey
  • Insights- Vision, Strategy, Objectives
  • Insights- Future of the Organization
  • Insights-Competition
  • Insights-Organizational Capabilities
  • Insights-Culture & Values
  • Insights-Reputation & Brand
  • Insights-Senior Leadership
  • Insights-Customer Centricity
  • Insights-Employee Centricity
  • Insights-Innovation
  • Pre-hire Survey
  • Onboarding Survey
  • Learning & Development Needs Survey
  • Development/ Training Effectiveness Survey
  • Career Change Experience Survey
  • Compensation & Benefits Experience Survey
  • Rewards & Recognition Experience Survey
  • C&B& Rewards Importance & Satisfaction Survey
  • Clarity & Alignment Survey
  • Exit Survey

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Define Your Own Surveys

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  • Define scheduled surveys – employee life cycle based
  • Allow leaders, managers or even employees to run their own surveys
  • View real time survey results in our multi-dimensional analytics tool

Action Planning Zone

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  • Use our AIM tool to plan, execute & monitor your actions based on survey outcomes
  • Assign actions to different stakeholders in your organisation
  • Get access to our guidebooks to define the right action for your key challenges