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Human Analytics: Using Data to Manage The Most Important Resource

With the increasing use of automation, it becomes very easy to ignore the human aspect of an organization, arguably the most important resource there is! But we’re here to tell you, it doesn’t need to be an either/or approach between the two. With the power of human analytics software, modern HR can now use data to manage precious resources, merging machines and humans alike, in an easy to use and highly effective HR metrics dashboard!

Capable HR departments function like a well-oiled machine, smoothly executing tasks, without making a single creak. If HR does its job well, you will never have to think about the intricate background processes involved in company-wide event management and more. Let’s take a look at how human resource analytics can help solve some of the age-old problems associated with employee management.

“Look ma, no hands!”

Approval, we all crave it and hard-working employees, in particular, thrive on it. Conversely, ignoring efforts can deter employee productivity and create a negative work atmosphere that proves extremely difficult to correct. To identify effort, however, we must first monitor performance.

Human analytics software does so by creating a baseline for daily effort – using factors such as the difficulty of the task and man-hours required to complete it. Any extra effort above this baseline is considered an example of improved performance and vice versa.

Pooling talents

Bored by the monotony of your daily work routine? Besides the obvious dispute resolution services, HR is also responsible for maintaining an employee talent pool. This tool allows management to assign new and exciting opportunities to workers in diverse fields, adding a little flavor to work!

Such tasks can be assigned on basis of identified talents, which an HR analytics software maintains and updates as and when employees gain new certifications.

Leaving so soon?

Employee turnover is natural in any organization, but when turnover begins to be a regular state of affairs, it becomes imperative to take a deeper look at the ‘why’. Staff survey tools are a great way to analyze employee culture, but even these are flawed in one major way – most employees are hesitant to speak out for fear of reprisal.

It then falls upon HR to create a transparent, judgment-free environment for workers. Remember that as an HR executive, you are just as accountable to employees as you are to the organization!

Welcome to orientation!

Work culture, job satisfaction, helpful peers – standards that define any great place to employ. HR strives to create a ‘home away from home’ environment at work, and employee feedback tools are what allow their efforts to bear fruit.

Think of human analytics as a part of HR rather than a substitute for them! It’s time to stop losing, and start engaging employees! Check out the compport hr metrics and analytics software for more. You’ll be glad you did!

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