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Making rewards fair and equitable is central to a sound compensation strategy

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Pay Equity Management

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Pay equity needs to be integral to your talent strategy

Equity, diversity and inclusion (DEI) is an unsolved problem for businesses, and despite years of effort,
most companies see this as a 'work in process'.

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To evolve in your journey to being a more equitable organization

Culture Values

Culture/ Values

should be in harmony with your  equity agenda

Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus & Commitment

should be part of your business strategy


Accountability & Outcome Focused

for sustainability of the effort


Enabling Automation

To make work less work

Think of pay equity as an ongoing strategic program to attract, engage, and retain talent

  • Pay equity analytics, combining multiple internal/ external data sources
  • Compensation benchmarking that gets it right
  • Compport's proven methodology highlights the pay gaps to focus on
  • Deep-dive into pay gaps via intuitive and multi-dimensional analytics
  • Design and implement proactive and/or remedial compensation plans to drive pay equity
  • Share pay insights with managers and empower them to make robust decisions
Pay Equity

Drive pay equity with Compport

Pay Equity Dashboard

Pay equity dashboard

Custom, live dashboards to monitor your progress

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Pay Gap Alerts

Pay Gap Alerts

Check weather pay is fair comparatively across cohorts

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Bias Alerts

Bias Alerts

Configurable alerts to monitor conscious or unconscious bias

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Diversity Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion insights

Generate reports that demonstrate legal compliance to pay equity & DIEB agenda

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Rule Engine

Rule engine for pay equity

Model increases required for remediation at the employee level

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Budget Stimulation

Budget simulation

Predict the budget required for remediation

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Let your pay practices shine with Compport

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