Salary Management

Salary Management

Agile and Smart enough to serve the simplest need and the most complex need on the planet.
SMEs or Large Enterprises, everyone deserves a smart Compensation Software

Salary management with Compport’s total compensation management software is built in a very flexible and agile way.

In 4 simple steps you can create your salary review rule, for the same cycle you can create unlimited rules which enables you to manage diverse compensation needs across different countries, functions, levels, roles etc.

AI-Powered compensation models to make the big next leap

Handle any complexity with ease (multi countries, plans)

Model multiple scenarios and compare the impact

Link market data to salary decisions to ensure pay equity

Align employee compensation with business success

Configure workflow for the approval process

Empower managers to make informed decisions

Oversee the process and budget  through HR Dashboard

Share compensation and total rewards statements digitally

Access to compensation & pay equity analytics