Bonus management

Link variable pay to employee and business KPIs to drive & reward business growth

Bonus Management
employees covered through multiple bonus plans
100% error-free payouts
120+ Hours
saved per quarter on bonus processing

Before we knew Compport we did not believe that our complex bonus plans and multi-layered approval workflow could be automated in such a simplistic way.

HR Rewards Analyst, Ed Tech Company

Compport Advantage

Bespoke solution to enable performance & productivity with rewards


To suit your unique needs and evolving expectations
Continous Innovation


To drive continuous improvement and serve any industry/ organization
Seamlessly Integrated

Seamlessly Integrated

With your existing Tech Stack
Effortlessly Scalable


Flexible, grows and adapts as your organization evolves.
High Speed Implementation

High-Speed Implementation

No hiccups during the deployment, in average 4-weeks of go-live time

Real-time Analytics

Multi-dimensional and intuitive
Compport's True Marvel Lies in the
Best-in-class Features
Multi company sales force
Global Workforce
Manage global workforce with a holistic and an agile way
  • Multiple Bonus Plans
  • Multi-currency management
  • Geography specific customization & compliance
  • Multi-lingual
Decision Intelligence
Decision Intelligence (Analytics & Insights)
Access integrated data, analytics to make better incentive decisions
  • Extensive data transformation capabilities
  • Custom dashboards
  • Intuitive and multi-dimensional analytics
  • Let your leaders\ managers access to dashboards
More Efficiency
95% more efficiency
Spend your valuable time on the incentive strategy rather than Administering the process
  • Time-to-process to be reduced from 1 month to 1 day
  • Live analytics & reports in seconds with one-click
  • 5 Mins to design any bonus plan
  • Zero manual effort for the process governance & communication
  • 2 Mins to manage/ adjust the workflow
Scenario-planning engine
Utilize the power of scenario-engine to experiment & Predict
  • Multiple scenario-planning in less than 5 mins
  • Instant budget and impact analysis
  • 'Comparison' functionality with one-click between the scenarios
Letter Generation
Letter Generation
Help employees understand the link between the individual and company performance, foster trust
  • Digital bonus/ incentive letters
  • Zero administrative effort
  • Configurable design & content
  • The timing of letter communication fully controlled by the user
HR Dashboard
HR dashboard
Have visibility and control over the process via Live-Dashboard
  • Performance & payout range
  • Target incentive vs payout
  • Pending approvals
  • KPI wise incentive trend
  • Budget allocation vs spent
  • User controlled mail reminders

Let your pay practices shine with Compport

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