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Some of the planet's largest companies trust Compport.

Help your employees see the big picture

View cash, grants & long-term incentives in one place.
Stay on top of their vesting schedule.
See what’s been granted, vested, and exercised with ease.
Run price simulations to visualize equity potential.
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Perform high-precision incentive modelling

Granular Targeting

Target employees by team, grade, tenure, location, and dozens of other fine attributes.

Powerful rule engine

Shape the logic for your plan by setting rules. Employ sophisticated models to orchestrate your incentive strategy for you.

Delightful Interface

With Compport, building a complex incentive plan is as simple as answering a survey. What used to take days will now take minutes.

Set guidelines & guardrails for managers

Target employees by team, grade, tenure, location, and dozens of other fine attributes.

Provide insights at every step

Arm managers with insights and benchmarks at critical junctures to make informed decisions.

Give them autonomy

Allow managers the flexibility to take decisions and make intricate adjustments when required.

Set guardrails

Help managers stay within the guidelines of your rewards philosophy by setting granular rules and limits.
Set guideline managers

Give managers a full view of their team’s compensation

Understand budget spread

Help them understand their budget distribution across each team member.

Individual pay growth & parity

Understand how each individual’s pay has grown and get a sense of internal parity with a single click.

Exception-based granting

Did a team member over perform? Breach existing limits and activate exception-based granting rules to encourage those who went beyond the call of duty.

Simulate equity potential

Use the equity simulator to help individuals understand the potential of their stock portfolio and long-term incentive.

Automate your letter release process

Highly configurable

Tailor your letters template to suit your rewards' philosophy. Compport lets you show grants, vesting schedule, equity value, equity potential and so much more — use our platform to build it exactly the way you want it.

Deep personalization at scale

Set up a system of rules and conditions to personalize your letters process for thousands of employees across grades, functions and locations. Use our engine to decide who should see what on their rewards letters with a deep level of control.

Add annexures

Want to ship your letters with some extras? Include calculations, LTI Plan documents, and a host of other attachable along with your letter release.

Programmable release mechanism

When should the letters be released? And to whom? Also, what approvals and conditions should they fulfill ahead of release? Decide using simple logic controls.
Performance vesting

Performance-based vesting

Vesting multipliers

Set up conditions for vesting based on individual performance and talent rating.

Link pay with performance

Allow an employee's performance to determine their actual vesting using smart rules and configurations.

Exception Management

Reward exceptional results with exceptional rewards by manually adjusting their vesting schemes.

Powerful analytics

200+ Data-rich Reports (and counting)

Answer stakeholder queries with beautiful reports — We’ve got a report to answer almost every question that compensation pros are asked throughout the year.

Layered & Interactive

Want zoom into on a specific metric? Double-click to drill down and find the root-cause of trends or results on any reports.

Multidimensional Views

View your data in over a dozen different dimensions. Compare data based on location, business units, employee grades, or any other dimension. Get a 360* view of any report instantly.

Multiple Download Formats

Download any dashboard or report instantly in your favorite formats — PPTs, Excel Sheets, PDFs and more.

Customer testimonials

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Compport is very user friendly, well supported within built compensation logic and the output was error free.  It is not only their professional expertise that has made a difference but also their collaborative spirit and willingness to support us by walking the extra mile.
Sandeep Yadav
General Manager Group Human Resources, Spark Minda

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