Compport Officially Welcomes John Radford to its Advisory Board

Founder of Radford Compensation Surveys John Radford and Compport Unite to Revolutionize Compensation Technology Globally

In a strategic move to redefine the landscape of rewards management, Compport, a global player in Compensation Technology, proudly announces the appointment of John Radford, Founder of Radford Compensation Surveys, to its Advisory Board.

John stands as a luminary in the field of compensation and rewards management. With an impressive career that spans over four decades, Radford has pioneered methodologies and insights that have shaped the compensation landscape globally.

Founded in 2018, Compport is a global CompTech company with a compelling story. It is at the forefront of transforming compensation, with a million users across 30+ countries and 200+ clients, including a growing presence in North America. Leveraging its strong foundation in Asia, where it has masterfully navigated complex compensation challenges and delivered exceptional service, Compport is expanding its influence in the US market.

The collaboration between Compport's cutting-edge platform and Radford's trailblazing legacy in compensation, enriched with his wisdom and expertise, marks a transformative era. Compport is dedicated to revolutionizing compensation to be equitable, efficient, and impactful.

John Radford shared his enthusiasm, stating, "Compport’s unparalleled configurability, commitment to transparency and its adeptness in attacking complex challenges is a testament to its creation by compensation experts for their peers. This, coupled with their aim to build the planet’s finest rewards management experience solidified my decision to join the board.”

Sachin Bajaj, CEO of Compport, emphasized the significance, saying, "It’s a proud moment for us. C&B experts have grown in our professional journeys using Radford surveys. We look forward to getting a share of his wisdom, elevate Compport and bring more value to our clients”.

In anticipation of the upcoming World at Work’s Total Rewards Conference in Cincinnati this May, Compport is excited to feature John Radford as a key speaker. This engagement represents a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insights directly from the collaboration between Compport and John.

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