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Products & Solutions

We are smart and agile one-stop solution for compensation, advanced analytics and employee feedback management, that will enable companies to drive the best value out of their investment on people.


  • Salary review plan
  • Bonus/Incentive Plan
  • Sales Incentive Plan
  • LTI/Retention Plan
  • Recognition Plan

People Analytics

  • Compensation analytics
  • Talent analytics
  • Productivity analytics
  • Database reports
  • Custom report

Employee Surveys

  • Ready to launch
  • Design to launch
  • Survey analytics
  • Action Planning Tool

Compport Promises


Estimated resource efficiency

40   times

Estimated return on investment


Estimated impact on turnover


we are committed to delivering a highly secure and compliant environment for our customers.



  • Digitization: The Buzz Word

    Digitization: The Buzz Word

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  • Individualization of performance management

    Individualization of performance management

    The best organisations in the world are those that deliver productivity, efficiency and quality in a way that is sustainable over the long term. That is what, in an ideal world, performance management should help us to achieve. View More

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  • Flexibility in mobility policy

    Flexibility in mobility policy

    As mobility managers grapple with increasingly international and mobile workforce and changing generational expectations, flexibility becomes an ever-looming complexity. For organisations that seek to provide fair and consistent policies globally, there are new models that provide choice. Along with that […]

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